• Study on impact of water resources development on income and welfare of cotton farmers of Wardha. Maharashtra. Bajaj Foundation, Maharashtra, India. 2013.
  • Social Media Outreach and Networking on the Future of the UN Surveys. Ralph Bunche Institute, New York, 2012.
  • Conceiving innovative revenue-generating social networking platform for Fahamu’s network of African intellectuals and their Pambazuka newsletter. Fahamu, Oxford, UK. April 2009.
  • Designing the knowledge management framework of the Livelihoods and Natural Resources Programme of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Sir Ratan Tata Trust, India. December 2007 – January 2008.
  • Evaluation mission for the regional project on “Forests that Benefit the Poor: Linking income generation to influence among forest communities in Asia.”  International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome. March- April 2007.
  • Chief Moderator and Trainer (ICTs and MDGs), UNDP CEE/CIS Networks on ICTHelp4U, UNDP, Bratislava and Estonia. November 2006-December 15, 2006.
  • Evaluation of ENRAP II (Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia-Pacific Region) Project in Laos, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome. February- March 2006.
  • Contributing to How-To Guide Policy and Practise Brief on Building Partnerships for Broadband Supported E-Governance Initiatives at the National and Local Level (for Public Policy Makers and Business Leaders).  UNDP Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States, Bratislava. November – December 2005.
  • Review of the Policy Impact of the electronic South East Europe (eSEE) Agenda Initiative in Western Balkans. Serbia and Montenegro (June 5-9), Macedonia (June 9-11), Moldova (June 14-16), Kosovo (June 17-19) Croatia (June 20-21).  UNDP Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States, Bratislava. May 2005 -July 2005.
  • Exploring innovative usage of ICT in disaster mitigation and post-disaster economic recovery. Tsunami-affected Areas (Andaman Islands and Tamil Nadu). DevNetJobs India. March 2005 – April 2005.
  • Providing training on Knowledge Management and how to support local development and expand public services through public-prviate partnerships, and preparation of knowledge maps and knowledge marketplace. UNDP-Bratislava Office, UNDP Ukraine. October 2004.
  • Electronic Government and Foreign Investment: Reviewing electronic government applications provided by Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) and drafting a paper on “How Electronic Government (E-Government) can enhance foreign investment in developing countries?” UNCTAD, Geneva, September 2004- January 2005.
  • Preparing baseline paper, and acting as resource person on international experiences of e-government, especially in G2C field, focusing on major trends, lessons learned, best practises, risks involved, as well at technical and regulatory requirements for the introduction of e-government systems. UNDP / Digital Development Initiative, Uzbekistan. May 2004.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of drinking water and salinity ingress prevention related interventions in coastal villages of Gujarat. Sir Ratan Tata Trust, India, January 2004.
  • International resources person on E-Governance / E-Government in developing and transition countries. UNDP, Azerbaijan. November 2003.
  • Evaluation of ICT and sustainable livelihoods project involving UN volunteers in Mongolia.  United Nations Volunteers, Mongolia and Germany. August – September 2003.
  • Creation of the South-South Portal on Information for Knowledge and Empowerment (S.P.I.K.E) to represent concerns of the South in international fora, and for use by negotiators and delegations. South Centre (an inter-governmental organization), Geneva. May 2003.
  • Designing a 3 years project on use of ICT in agriculture extension and creating the Agricultural Knowledge Generation and Sharing network (PN-KnowNet / KariaNet) for Near East and North Africa region. Rome, Jordan, Egypt. International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD),  April – May 2003.
  • Evaluation of UNDP-UNV Tele-Access Community Centers (TACCs) project in Egypt. United Nations Volunteers, June-July 2001.
  • Preparing working plans and proposals to initiate the Global Public Goods Network. United Nations Development Program, New York. March 2001.
  • Selection of partner NGOs and schools in India for use of computers donated by private firms. New Delhi. World Computer Exchange, Washington DC. August 2001.
  • Documentation of developmental impacts and recommending future strategy for corporate social responsibility of Ambuja Rural Development Foundation. Gujarat. Ambuja Cement Foundation, Gujarat, India. July 2000.
  • Sacred Forests: an ethno-religious practice for conservation of plant resources and bio-diversity. Jodhpur and Udaipur (India), Agricultural Finance Consultants, Delhi, India. October – December 1995.
  • Modelling the impact of natural resources related interventions on common property resources.  Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG), Uttar Pradesh, India. May – July 1995.
  • Review of the forest management practices of the Forest Department for the conservation of Kanha National Park, and those of World Food Programme on income generating activities. Forest Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India. December 1994 – February 1995.

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