ICTs, Farmers and Governance, WITFOR 2012, India

World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR), 16 – 18 April. Delhi. India

Watch the panel discussion on Doordarshan.

Agriculture produces three key outputs for developing countries: food, employment, and trade (domestic and international). These outputs contribute directly to national development goals of ensuring food security, ending poverty and fueling economic growth. No developing country can pursue a strong and independent national development strategy without taking care of the agriculture sector and the people dependent on it.

Vikas Nath, as the International Chair (Agriculture and ICT) for WITFOR, organised four sessions on how ICT can improve lives of farmers and transform rural landscapes.

  • Session 1: Can ICTs solve some of the fundamental issues which have held back agriculture in developing countries?
  • Session 2: Can ICTs increase the income of small farmers and transform our villages and rural landscapes into land of opportunities?
  • Session 3: Can ICTs interventions in agriculture scale up and sustain themselves? Or will most pilot projects fail to create any long term impact?
  • Session 4: What does future hold for role of ICTs in agriculture in developing countries? Is the future mobile?

Agriculture sessions


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