I – Power: Using Crowd Support, Not Bribes, to Redress Public Grievances

mybannerMost people in developing countries are hesitant to engage with governments and avoid getting entangled in government affairs. They do not trust the public servants to act honestly and resolve their public grievances quickly. Many end up paying bribes, using unscrupulous middlemen, or currying favours for government officials to get their work done quickly.

Those who do not, because of their ethics or financial situation, are deprived of redress. This corrupt and unaccountable government system raises the cost of engaging with governments for everyone, and penalises those who do not pay bribes.

Surely there has to be a better way to engage with governments? Enter I-Power.

I-Power will be a game changer. I-Power web + mobile platform will provide people with online tools and crowd support to resolve their public grievances quickly. No more bribes!

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