Panel Discussion: South-South Collaboration in Impact Investing: Relevance of India’s Experience

sankalp-summit-2013Sankalp Forum, 16-18 April 2013. Mumbai. India

When we talk about impact investing, our focus invariably turns to “investing” and in particular to investments which involve capital flows in form of loans, equities, grants or other financing options. We end up ignoring two other forms of investments, namely technology and skills which end up increasing the capacities and efficiency of workforce, and leverages the impact of any other investments being made. Technology and skill based investments may not have the liquidity of capital flows, and precisely so the benefits of these investments remain in the country and the impact is more long lasting.

India is emerging as a leader in making such investments within the South-South collaboration framework in the area of agriculture, energy, health and information technology, says Vikas Nath at the plenary discussion at the Sankalp Forum.

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