Reaching the Unreached – Ideas matter but vision even more

not-free-01In mid-April 2013 over a thousand people gathered in Mumbai for the annual Sankalp Forum organised by Intellecap. Refreshingly none of the social entrepreneurs present talked about providing products and services for free, and for the right reasons – to engage with the unreached and the poor in a relationship which is equal and business-like. They did not find it incongruous to talk about creating business solutions which work for the poor and creating profits in the same sentence. They are focused as much on creating income inflows from year one of their enterprises as they are on reaching the unreached.

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1 Response to Reaching the Unreached – Ideas matter but vision even more

  1. Sheila Heard says:

    Great reading. Equal and business-like relationships is what we are also about, as a social enterprise in London providing services so that highly skilled refugees in the UK can compete on a level playing field and move back into skilled work. It is not charity. It is social enterprise for the benefit of the market and all.

    Best wishes
    Sheila Heard

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